Monthly Archives February 2018

Resilience in the face of difficulty 

Resilience in the face of difficulty  Today we had the unveiling of our latest commission for Jennie and Dave Oates whose daughter is a student artist at Rowan. Dave approached us about creating a red kite for his wife Jennie as a gift to be placed in the garden at the family home. Alistair, a wood tutor at Rowan, and student volunteer Francis set to work on creating the red kite out of ash wood along with a stand to create the illusion of her flying.  The red kite inspiration for this commission reflects a story of resilience in the
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Connecting Communities

Connecting Communities  We are very excited to announce a new project called Connecting Communities that our student artists are working on along with our creative team. Through Cambridge Community Foundation we have received a grant from the A14 Community Fund and we are starting work on what will be a local project.   Working alongside Milton County Park and Hinchingbrooke Country Park our student artists and the surrounding communities will create two public art installations that will be on show at both parks. Our student artists will lead the way with the designs and the direction of the project. To bring
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Sky is the limit for student artist Emma 

Sky is the limit for student artist Emma  Emma has been a student at Rowan since 2006 and in that time she has learn new skills, met new friends and built on her confidence. The achievements of Emma, at Rowan and outside of Rowan, are the subject of a short film that has been picked up by festivals around the world. Emma’s Mum, Mirka, created the film to show the world what Emma is capable of from having artwork on display at the Tate Modern to performing on stage. We are so proud of Emma and everything she has achieved. See the full
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