Our People

Most of our staff are artists in their own right and bring considerable artistic skill in a range of media. In addition they are responsible for the care, nurturing and training of our students in life skills.

Office key contacts

Des Trollip – Director of Operations

Abi Moore – Deputy Director of Operations 

Gordon Mackenzie – Operations Assistant gordon@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Hetti Wood – Marketing Manager

Victoria Hamilton Wason – Administrator victoria@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Debby Lauder – Creative Development Manager  debby@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Rowan’s Studio Tutors 

Russell Cuthbert- Lead Wood Tutor and Machine Shop

  • russell@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Alistair Burgass – Wood Tutor

  • alistair@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Sarah Nibbs – Tutor and Ceramics Technician 

  • sarah@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Ester Van Zwanenberg – Ceramics

  • ester@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Lindsey McAuley – Drama Tutor

  • lindsey@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Bethany Kirby – Music Tutor

  • bethany@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Peter Drury – Ceramics Assistant / General Assistant

Karen Nicholson – General Tutor and Studio Support

Steve Faint – Mixed Media and Supply Tutor

  • steve@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Lima Rose – Mixed Media Tutor

  • lima@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Hilary Sugai – Textiles Tutor

  • hilary@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Susie Johnson – Lead Print Tutor

  • susie@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Chris Deane – Graphics Tutor

  • chris@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

If you wish to speak to a member of staff please call 01223 566027 or for general enquiries email des@rowanhumberstone.co.uk.

Patron of Rowan

Dame Norma Major

Rowan has a dedicated group of trustees

Chairman – Rosalind Morgan, Ruth Laslett, Jonathan Wilson, Ray Olds and David McConnell