ART MAKES YOU POWERFUL exhibition at Rowan

ART MAKES YOU POWERFUL exhibition at Rowan

Presenting work in a variety of media, ART MAKES YOU POWERFUL highlights the transforming power of the visual arts. This exhibition, created by our students, explores how art has the power to develop confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing. All of the works in this exhibition are the students’ own personal projects.

Our student’s benefit from the transformative power of the visual arts and this can be life-changing. Research shows a wide range of benefits for those who make art and these include the improvement of language, developmental progression, physical and emotional development, the ability to sustain better relationships and greater independence.

The exhibition is open daily until Saturday 24 October from 12midday until 4pm. This exhibition is part of the University of Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas.

Each day, we will highlight a different work of art in a new blog post – scroll down to read the story behind the artwork.


detail textile sampler

Textile studio, Sampler, Fabric, head and ink, 2015

This sampler was made by 18 students in three different groups along with two staff and two volunteers. It is a testimonial of their textile work in their own words.

The students were asked what they liked about the stitching process. Each wrote their thoughts on fabric with a special pen. The different coloured background fabrics denote different groups. We added hand and machine stitches, ribbon, buttons, a zip and other embellishments. It has already become an important piece of work and we will continue to add to it.

The left and right sides of the sampler could be used as a ‘fabric design board’ to pin up ideas and things we are working on. Eventually the many small things that we make, for example prototypes for the Open Studios weekend and Winter Warmer will be stitched on each side as the year progresses. It will be like a giant inspiration board. As it is an on-going project, this time next year it promises to be a real feast for the eyes, and hopefully encourage people who think they can’t sew to pick up a needle and have a go!


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