Happy to announce that as previous terms, we are fully booked for the Spring term!

To receive an early bird registration for May 2020, and join Rowan’s family, leave your email below. We’ll do the rest!

Summer Term Booking Dates

Current members: February 17th-25th

New members: February 25th

Both of Rowan’s tutors Randella and Maggie are experienced potters with knowledge and skills to pass on.

We have 6 wheels in our ceramics studio for throwing pots as well as space for hand-building and a technician available to deal with firing in our 4 kilns.
The course fee includes the cost of clay, glazes, and firing

We run two classes with close guidance on Tuesdays and Thursdays, plus one untutored class on Wednesdays.
For the Wednesday Untutored class, previous experience is beneficial and needed. Should you need some guidance in the untutored class, Maggie a professional ceramic artist will be available for any inquiry you might have about the studio materials, etc.

Tuesday Evening with Randella Handley
17:00-19:30 | £200

Thursday Evening with Randella Handley
19:00-21:00 | £160

UNTUTORED Wednesday with Maggie Kirkup
15:45-17:45 | £100

Spots are very limited, so in order to avoid any disappointment, we recommend to register to receive an early bird registration!