Hire our Facilities

Are you looking for an affordable and local studio space? Are you searching for a space to hold a meeting or to run a workshop? Then we could have the perfect space for you!

Wheter you are an artist looking for a studio to have a workshop or a Yoga instructur looking for a space without commiting for a while year- we can offer you a space for that!


Meet our studios

Meeting Room 
Can acommodate up to 40 people.
A projection and laptop connection avaialable in the room.
Tables and chairs are abailable by request, and a small kitchenette outside the room. 
This room is sutiable for an art dry materials activities and crafts. 

Print Studio 
Well lit art studio, with a sink. Can accomodate 8 people. Some equipment is available to use on request. 

Mixed Media Studio
Can accomodate up to 12 people (When needed doors can be opened and tables can be added). Has a sink and a wide working area.

Gallery/Drama Studio
Wooden floor, can acomodate approximately 20 people. Acting stage is available if needed and black curtains. This studio is perfect for movement classes, bus can also be used for art activitis. 

Textile Studio 
Can accomodate up to 12 people. Has a sink. 
Sewing machins and equipment available on request. 

Main Space & Garden
A lovely wide space that can accomodate more than 50 people.
Perfect for workshops, community events or exhibitions. 
The main includes our lovely kitchen that is available for you to use. 
Garden with a sitting area is available, and is such a great adittion during summer times. 

A wonderful ceramics studio that is a home for many potters around Cabmridge for more than 3 years. We have 6 wheels, 4 Kilns and can ccomodate up to 12 people. 
Booking for this studio is conditinal to our chif ceramics approval. Meeting is conditional in advanced. 
 We also hire our Kilns! Email adi@rowanhumberstone.co.uk if this interests you. 


Who hires our studios? 
For more than a year now, we are delighted to host the Cambridge Art Club  (Mixed Media, Print and Ceramics), The Hebrew Centre, “Alumot” (All studios), Denise-Moore Yoga (Meeting Room), several Drama and Art Therapists (Mixed studios) and more. 

Currently all of our studios are £10 per hour.
This includes setting up and cleaning time. 

Want to hire a Studio? 

If you are keen to hire a studio for a one off event, a workshop or for personal use please email Adi, our community class administrator and she will help you choose the suitable studio for your needs. 
Prior to booking a short meeting with Adi is conditional, where you will recieve a personal entrance code and learn how to enter and leave the premisis. 

Once you have recieved a personal entrance code and guidance on the entrance process, you will be able to book your room any day, any time in our new booking system- 

The changes to the ground floor are making a real and on-going difference to people’s lives, giving people with learning disabilities new skills and opportunities in the arts and enabling greater integration within the community.


For further information, to book a visit, or to hire our facilities please email adi@rowanhumberstone.co.uk or call 01223 566027.

See our floor plan: Rowan floor plan

Meeting room or studio spaces terms & conditions

We also now run art, leisure and learning courses for adults.

For more information click on this link.