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Hello and welcome to Rowan’s new home activities page. This is for all of our student artists to get involved in from our tutors. Check back here weekly to see what is new. We hope you enjoy!

What’s on this week? | W/C 1st June

  • Monday catch up and coffee (or tea!) @ 1pm – this will be every Monday and will simply be for anyone who would like a catch up with Rowan friends. This week will be a bit of show and tell. So you can bring along something you would like to share with the group! Click here for the link!
  • Wednesday calm drama @ 1pm – this will be a more relaxed drama session with storytelling and less physical movement. See below for the play for this week which you can download. Can you practice the noises the characters make?  And maybe bring a prop!   Click here for online Zoom link!
  • Thursday drama Zoom @ 1pm – This drama session is all about movement and getting active. Be prepared for Musical Statues with a difference. Click here for the online Zoom link!
  • NEW! Join us for our Thursday Makaton Zoom session @ 2pm. We will be practising Katy Perry’s ‘Raw’ which many of you started at Rowan. To have a practice before Thursday click here. Click here for the online Zoom link!
  • Our quiz night is back! Join us at 6pm on Thursday 4th June – everyone is welcome. For all the details and how to join click here.

Download the play for Wednesday’s drama session here:

Please note that these sessions are now all reoccurring so the link will be the same each week. The passwords to enter have been sent out to all of our students and will also stay the same so please make a note of them.

Artist of the week!

Visit our new page ‘Artist of the week’ to discover famous artists from around the world including an activity for you to get involved in. Artist of the week is Pablo Picasso (1881-1973).

Activities to download…

Carnival time! Colour in Christopher’s carnival. Why don’t you have a go at creating your own?

Rowan’s art crossword. Download the blank crossword and have a go. Once you have all the answers, or as many as you can, download the answers – no cheating!

Create your own river of colour! Collect colours from within the home or outside in the garden. Put them together to create a river of colour. You can do this through a collage, you can create a river in the garden, you could put it all to paper.

Click here to read the full activity in full and get inspired or you can download the PDF activity…

This activity is from the Cambridge Curiousity and Imagination website. We wanted to share it with you so you can then explore their site as they have so much to offer. Click here to see more of their website.

Design a birthday cake – it is your friend’s birthday and you want to design them the most wonderful birthday cake. Think about the designs and the flavours – don’t forget the candles!

Rowan word search – can you find all the Rowan words?

Previous activities still available…

W/C 25th May

Wordsearch – We all love Disney but can you complete this Disney wordsearch?

Click here to complete online

Makaton time – This week we are introducing our new Thursday Makaton online Zoom session. This will be each week at 2pm. We will be learning Katy Perry’s ‘Raw’. If you would like to join us all the information is just above and you can practice ‘Raw’ by clicking here! We look forward to seeing you then.

Colour the world – flamenco is a style of dance, music and song from southern Spain. Colour the picture and learn how to flamenco! Make sure you send your Spanish flamenco poses to Hetti on hetti@rowanhumberstone.co.uk.

Incan textiles – The Incan empire existed in South America, near what is now Peru, 800 years ago. They were a large civilization with highly developed artwork. Some of the art they are most famous for was their textiles. Have a go at colouring in the one created before creating your own.

Battleships – create your own battleships game and play against members of your household.

W/C 18th May

Making art this way makes me feel closer to nature. When you go outside take a moment to sit, breathe, feel, smell and listen to all the wonders going on around you.

Butterfly collage – Using pieces of magazine or coloured papers make a beautiful collage in the Butterly!

Let’s get musical – How many musical instruments can you draw?

Self portrait – Find a mirror and take a good look and then draw your own self portrait!

Getting creative at home – Last summer we had Fionn join us for a work placement for his module ‘Working in the Creative Industries’. During lockdown he has had to get creative to find ways to complete some of his work. Take a look at how he is using items from home to create monoprints using a wooden spoon and blue tack. Why don’t you have a go yourself!

W/C 11th May

Woodwork workout! Can you help woodwork work out what tools these are? Complete the dot-to-dots to find out.

Redesign Rowan’s logo – Download the shape of our logo and then get creative. This can be with different colours, a collage, items from the garden, arts and crafts – whatever you think. Make sure you then send a photo of your completed work to hetti@rowanhumberstone.co.uk as we would love to see your designs.

Fantasy meal – In lockdown lots of you have been helping to cook as well as doing some baking. We would like you to create your own fantasy meal as well as who you would share it with.

Musical drawing – Put some music on and close your eyes, with a pen or pencil let your hand dance and move with the music. See what you create!

Pebble Challenge! Explore artworks, objects and ideas from the Kettle’s Yard Collection to create your own art. Each pebble marks an activity to make and do at home, using the things you find around your house. Click here to find out more and get stuck in.

W/C 4th May

Design a sculpture for your town!

Check out these ten amazing wood videos!

Why not have a go at singing our 35 Years of Rowan song written and performed by our Rowan music students and Bethany. Lyrics and the song to sing along too below!

Last week the Rowan staff got together to send a message out to all of our students, volunteers and supporters. Why don’t you have a go? Create your own message and take a photo of you holding it up. Then you can send it to Hetti to include in the e-newsletter or send to a friend, neighbour or family member!

W/C 27th April

Tracy is a punk rocker, draw and colour her an amazing new hair style!

10 must see woodcraft artists and sculptors with added activities for you to complete.

Find a place to sit outside – in the garden, on your front doorstep or by a window with it open. Sit and listen to discover your soundscape.

As a Rowan student artist you have been asked to make a painting for a big exhibition. Let’s get creative!

Did you know that a number of famous museums from all over the world have virtual tours available. So from your sofa you can explore! View the full list here or go to our favourite The British Museum.

We hope you enjoy this week’s activities. If you have any ideas you would like to put forward or suggestions please get in touch on hetti@rowanhumberstone.co.uk.

W/C 20th April

Join Abi and add patterns to the coffee pot and cups!

Here is Hilary’s nature collage. An activity to prepare for when you are back at Rowan…

Get creativity with our ‘last letter’ picture game!

Become a Jedi by taking part in our Star Wars quiz!

Draw the things you would love to see outside of your window!

W/C 14th April

Get creative with this cat pattern created by Chris! Once you have completed them send them in to hetti@rowanhumberstone.co.uk.

Explore the world around you with Hilary’s nature challenge!

All aboard the Rowan express! Have a train adventure with Russell.

British bird quiz created by Gordon!

W/C 6th April

Word search central

Click on the links below to complete our other word searches online or you can download to print off from the website:

Animal Word Search

Artists Word Search

Star Wars Word Search

The Hare of Woven Wood

This week’s drama Zoom session focuses on the story created by our Rowan Rangers ‘Hare of Woven Wood’. You can read the full story here:

Easter egg time

Fancy creating your own Easter egg? Download and print to design your own!

Why don’t you have a go at making your on naturally dyed Easter eggs? You can follow our instructions here:

Thank you for sending your completed pictures back in Sasha!

Check out our resource links page here. With lots to do through Access Art, The Fitzwiliam Museum and more!