Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary, Day 27

Day 27 – Sunday 19th April

Distance = 7.5 miles

Total so far = 293.21

Another beautiful spring day!

For those of you that have followed our journey so far, you will know that Sunday has become my rest day – and so you might be surprised to see the mileage recorded above!

Since lockdown we have had some beautiful sunny Sundays and I have always made the most of them in the garden with a good book. Today the chairs are still damp from yesterday’s rain so David came up with a ‘novel’ idea……. a real bike ride!

Because of my asthma, lockdown has been taken seriously and I have only left the house twice, both times remaining in the car whilst David braved the supermarket to get supplies. So as Micky Flanagan might say to go “out, out” for me was radical! But off we went keeping to the quiet roads rather than the busier cycle paths and it was so lovely to escape from the confines of the house and garden into the beautiful spring sunshine.

Even when this is over, travel may stay fairly low on the agenda for many people and we are all going to be exploring closer to home. How lucky we are to live somewhere to where tourists flock from around the world and here we are enjoying them without the crowds. 


Since we started this JoGLE challenge we have been pleased to see that several other people have been setting up their own challenges. Cycling, walking, keeping fit have all featured. However, I think the one that almost everyone will be aware of is the incredible story of Captain Tom Moore.

By yesterday he had raised over a staggering £23m and I hope he receives the recognition he deserves.

Unfortunately, heartening that it is, it is in times of crisis that attention and donations tend to focus on high profile cases and organisations whilst the ‘little’ charities like Rowan can be forgotten and start to struggle.

We are thrilled that donations in support of our ride have started to come in and a huge thanks to those wonderful donors – it makes all that frantic pedalling worthwhile. Do please visit our crisis appeal page.

So, for those of you following the map, I am able to report that I’ve edged my way just a bit nearer to the Forth and have reached the village of Solsgirth.


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