Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary, Day 40

Week 6 Day 40 – Saturday 2nd May

  • 25 minutes 170 watts
  • Flat bench 47kg for 6 reps and deadlifts 75kg for 6 reps
  • Max heart rate = 154 bpm
  • Calories = 251 (total so far 13726)
  • Distance covered = 7.17 miles
  • Total distance so far = 473.05

For the past week I’ve been pushing the mileage up and achieving PBs – as well as pushing us speedily along the route. However, it’s been a tough week and I thought it was time to try a new approach. So, I switched back to the hill programme, set a new level of 15 (highest level so far) and just concentrated on getting through it rather than watching the mileage. I didn’t quite manage to keep the rpm above 80 (so not quite a success in David’s eyes!) but I now have a target for next week. I also pushed up the weights on the lifting. Sometimes you just have to move the goalposts a bit to find a way forward.

Back to the music today and back in time to the 80s and The Communards. A strange memory for me here as I associate it with having a car stolen and having to list everything that was in the car – the Communards was one of the cassettes. It was a real nostalgia trip listening to Don’t Leave Me This Way and Never Can Say Goodbye.

From Patterdale I continue further south into one of the busier areas of the Lake District – Ambleside. This bustling town is a mecca for outdoor clothing shops with well over 30 to choose from. It’s situated at the northern end of Windermere and is one of the most popular bases for walking and exploring. My journey here takes me along the aptly named, The Struggle, part of the Kirkstone Pass and at 1489 feet, it is the highest pass open to motor traffic.

Writing this has brought the realisation of how much we took travel for granted. There was always another holiday in the pipeline. It might be just at the dreaming stage, into serious research, or even better, booked and we were counting down the days. Alternatively, we might spot something on TV or in a magazine that inspired us, and a spur of the moment mini break was booked at the click of a mouse.

All that has changed and whilst for many people the days have been broadly similar but with different constraints, or in some cases even tougher, there are plenty of others who have had to find new opportunities for diversion and motivation. There has been an upsurge in crafts, DIY, gardening, exercise, cooking, (where has all the flour gone?!) and learning the benefits of online classes and communication. And for some it has meant for the first time in years that they just have more time. Time to spend with small children or each other, time to reflect and enjoy the beauty of nature in this new, quieter world. Happily, on this side of the world we are heading into summer and each day brings new discoveries in the garden – and with no holidays planned, there’s a fair chance we’ll be here to see them all!


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