Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary, Day 43

Week 6 day 43 – Tuesday 5th May

  • 20 minutes + 5 mins cool down level 15 (bike 1)
  • Flat bench and abs
  • Max heart rate = 157 bpm
  • Calories = 258 (total so far 14535)
  • Distance covered = 7.60 miles
  • Total distance so far = 504.06

And we did it! We have passed the half way point (as long as we don’t get lost!). Still a long way to go but plenty of interesting countryside on the way.

I have set my targets slightly differently this week. On the ‘long’ days, I’m sticking to the watts programme (at a sensible level) and eating up the miles. On the ‘short’, gym days, I’m keeping to the hill programme at level 15 – and aiming to keep the rpm above 80. Success! Not easy, but not as tough as I thought it might be and still a commendable mileage covered. Now this might be because I’m not so tired at the start of the week, but my aim is to do this on Thursday and Saturday as well. Watch this space!

Robbie Williams Greatest Hits kept me company on this sunny morning – entertaining us since 1990 and still going strong.


Continuing south through the Arnside and Silverdale AONB, I pass close to the Leighton Moss RSPB. Here the diverse habitats include reeds, woodland and limestone grassland. It also incorporates extensive areas of mudflats, coastal marsh and saltwater lagoons along the shores of nearby Morecambe Bay and there are amazing sights to see all year round. It is in the grounds of Leighton Hall, the ancestral home of the famous furniture-making Gillow dynasty, and car rallies, concerts and theatre productions are hosted here in the summer.

My resting place for today and the end of our sixth week ‘on the road’ is Carnforth. For those of you whose memories go back a long way (!) or who, like most of us have just seen it on TV on a wet Sunday afternoon, Carnforth Railway Station was chosen by Sir David Lean to be the location for his classic 1945 film, Brief Encounter. You can step back in time and visit the faithfully replicated Refreshment Room and have your photo taken under the huge clock which played a prominent part in the film.

One very justifiable ‘indulgence’ at the moment are glossy magazines, although sadly all the summer fashions and holiday suggestions do seem a bit redundant.  However, as we are all eating ‘chez nous’ at the moment with no sign of a restaurant meal to relieve us of cooking duties, new recipes are certainly pounced upon. After all – we have plenty of time to experiment! 

The spring sunshine has led to a very abundant rhubarb crop and as there are only so many times you can eat rhubarb crumble, this recipe for Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble Ice Cream (no churning needed) seemed the perfect solution. I’m not sure if this qualifies as part of our ‘five a day’ – but it certainly hits the spot if you are having a low moment.

And finally, to end the week as always, we are pleased to share with you the beautiful chestnut tree in all its glory displayed once again against a perfect blue sky.


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