Dripping Clocks

Tracys lampsmall

I’m inspired by Salvador Dali’s art because its all higgledy-piggledy and that’s what I like about it! I looked at a picture on the Internet, it’s the way the clocks were dripping and I thought that would be something different to do.

The lamp base is a snooker table leg and the bottom is Ash wood, and two recycled lampshades. We made the lampshade with four pieces of silk and put different dyes on them and wrapped them around the lampshade and made three stars to put on the lampshade, we used one of the sewing machines to sew the stars on the silk. Then I put clear beads on the stars. The crazy light bulb turns different colours to give a surreal effect.

When I’m doing a new project I don’t use all the same equipment, it makes me feel unusual in a good way, I like a challenge! Russ is the top dog! Russell is the boss, he listens to me, and I sometimes listen to him, even if it goes wrong! (Note: Russell is the Wood Tutor and thinks Tracie is the boss!)

I like that my artwork inspires different people and being part of the group is really important and we’ve got to get along even if we don’t always like each other. Being at Rowan is just being around friends because I think friends are family, and we are one big happy family. When I get home from work mum says ‘how’s your day been?’ I say ‘very good and friends make me laugh.’

When I’m making my artwork I feel my confidence come back and get stronger. When someone likes my artwork it makes me feel happy and it makes me feel proud of what I have achieved. I bring my family in when we have Winter Warmers and they think WOW!! I think they are shocked and impressed by how well I have done.


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