Update | March 26

We received the below information from the LDP (Learning Disability Partnership) and we thought it was worth having the information up on our website.


I am emailing following the publication of measures for a group of people whose physical health conditions mean they are at the greatest risk from Coronavirus. The guidance can be found here. Some of this group will be people with a learning disability, autism or both and we are asking for your help to share the easy read guidance for shielding from coronavirus with people, their families and carers, and providers of services at the same link. Please share this across your regional networks.

A letter has been going out to these patients to provide information about accessing health and social care during this time and extra support available for them, their families and carers. All those who receive a letter are encouraged to register now by going to www.gov.uk/cornonavirus-extremely-vulnerable or call 0800 028 8327, the Government’s dedicated helpline.  This will tell whether or not they are in touch with friends, family or a support network in their community who can support them to get food and medicine, and follow the advice in the letter they have received.  


If you wish to get in touch please do so. You can find our contact details here.

Very best wishes and take care.

Des Trollip

Operations Manager