A Day at Rowan

Hello, and welcome to our blog pages. It’s a place which will continue to develop, where our staff, students and volunteers can contribute.

Rowan is an arts centre for learning-disabled people. It is a charity, social enterprise and has been running for 30 years. We have 5 studios including print, ceramics, textiles, mixed-media and wood. Students work on their own projects and work together on commissions, large-scale artworks and items which we sell at various events during the year. The centre is a hive of activity, and every day is different, with such a variety of artforms being utilised in each studio.

These photographs were taken today, and give a small idea of the range of activity taking place at any given time. Please keep checking this page to see our regular blog updates.

Rowan Tree Web

Our 30th Anniversary Tree decorated in cherry  blossom and eggs, our nod to spring.

In our print making studio, small prints were being inked up to check the quality while other artwork is hung up on the walls giving us the opportunity to the see the creativity and development of the students work. The print studio is only 4 months old, and was installed after a grant from Cambridge Community Foundation.

IMG_1248 (600x800)

Meanwhile in wood students are sanding and filing some carved star fish and frogs.

IMG_1280 (600x800)

Our CNC machine is creating a new work for a commission – more news coming soon!

IMG_1282 (600x800)

Bowls, hands and birds were being created in ceramics.

IMG_1256 (600x800)

In textiles, an array of fabrics, threads, pens and pencils were laid out. Students were working in their own books, learning to use the sewing machines and creating appliqué panels.

IMG_1267 (600x800)

Finally in mixed-media, anything goes. .Gluing, sticking, drawing and painting were taking place including a group of students were working on a birthday card given later to a member of staff accompanied by loud singing.

IMG_1271 (600x800)


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