Our People

Covid-19 update on staff

Update from February 2021 – The Rowan arts centre is closed for everyone’s safety but we are continuing to work online to support our student artists, parents, carers and the wider community.

Rowan’s Staff

Des Trollip – Director of Operations

Abi Moore – Deputy Director of Operations      abi@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Hetti Wood – Marketing Manager (Currently on maternity leave)

Ellie Breeze – Communications & Fundraising Events Manager (Maternity cover) ellie@rowanhumberstone.co.uk 

Gordon Mackenzie – Operations Assistant gordon@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Lindsey McAuley – Drama Tutor                  lindsey@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Bethany Kirby – Music Tutor                       bethany@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Russell Cuthbert- Lead Wood Tutor and Machine Shop russell@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Sarah Nibbs – Tutor and Ceramics Technician sarah@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Chris Deane – Graphics Tutor                           chris@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Alistair Burgass – Wood Tutor                      alistair@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Rowan’s Staff 

Victoria Hamilton Wason – Administrator victoria@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Lima Rose – Mixed Media Tutor                       lima@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Steve Faint – Mixed media and supply tutor steve@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Susie Johnson – Lead Print Tutor                    susie@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Hilary Sugai – Textiles Tutor                          hilary@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

Ester Van Zwanenberg – Ceramics

Peter Drury – Ceramics Assistant / General Assistant

Karen Nicholson – General Tutor and Studio Support

Patron of Rowan

Dame Norma Major

Rowan has a dedicated group of trustees

Chairman – Rosalind Morgan, Ruth Laslett, Jonathan Wilson, Ray Olds, David McConnell, Ruth McGowan and Katie Allen