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After speaking to many of our student artists, parents and / or support workers we have decided not to keep adding to our activities list as many of you are getting busier with day-to-day activities, day placements, coming to Rowan and more! If anyone would like some home activities or needs some extra support at home please get in touch with our team here.

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Do not forget we have Rowan projects that we need your help with! See more below from the woodwork and ceramic studios.

Woodwork studio

Cambridge Council has asked us to make some insect hotels for their parks and green spaces. The recent storm blew down a giant London Plane tree on Jesus Green. We will use cross-cut sections from that tree and drill in an image designed by Rowan! We need some designs and ideas from you to put on the insect hotel. Click on the PDF for all the information and who to send your designs too!

Ceramic studio

The theme in our ceramic groups for the next few weeks is gardens, as we all found pleasure in them over the last few months. Small, big, imaginary, flower, veg, under the sea…. any garden is good! If you would like to draw anything garden related, we can make some designs with your drawings to make into clay pots or vases or sculptures. Make sure you get out and enjoy your gardens this week!

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