Rowan vouchers – the perfect gift!

Give a gift that supports people with learning disabilities in creating beautiful art work. We only do a limited number of selling events but take commissions throughout the year ranging from small sculptures to vases and wooden house signs, these gifts are handmade one-of-a-kinds. The vouchers come in amounts of £12, £20, £35 or £50.

To buy a gift voucher call us on 01223 566027 or email and you will be sent a Paypal invoice (NB you don’t need a Paypal account and can pay the invoice with credit or debit card). We’ll then send you your voucher via post or email within 10 working days. We’ll send it sooner if we can but cannot guarantee shorter dispatch times as we’re a small part time charity team.

Please see below for terms and conditions. We hope to have a Paypal button back here soon for you to pay via this website.

Here’s a quick guide to the kind of items each voucher buys:


£12 Gift Voucher:

  • Small, simple ceramic item such as a building or creature (up to approx. 20cm)
  • Ceramic sign (up to approx. 30cm)
  • Small and simple wooden item like a wooden leaf, heart or starfish (approx. 10-15cm)
  • Embellished textile brooch

£20 Gift Voucher:

  • Medium ceramic vase (20-30cm)
  • Medium sized ceramic item such as a building or creature (up to approx. 30cm)
  • Wooden insect hotel or insect box
  • Wood bird box
  • Simple, small wooden item (up to approx. 20cm)
  • Embellished personalized textile shopping bag

£35 Gift Voucher:

  • Small wooden finger labyrinth
  • Double Bird Box
  • Wooden house sign
  • Small simply carved item e.g. an animal (up to approx. 20cm)
  • Ceramic vase (up to approx. 50cm) or ceramic planter
  • Embellished personalized textile apron

£50 Gift Voucher:

  • Large wooden finger labyrinth with your choice of quote encircling it
  • Large ceramic figure or building (approx. 50cm)
  • Wooden Bat Box
  • Medium size carved item such as animal (up to approx. 30cm) or more intricate smaller wooden item like a make of car

Rowan Gift Vouchers – Terms and Conditions

  • Rowan Gift Vouchers may be redeemed at Rowan selling events or by contacting Rowan to order your commissioned Piece. Rowan Gift Vouchers can only be used to purchase or commission products from Rowan.
  • To arrange a commission you can contact Rowan via phone on 01223 566027 or You can arrange a visit to discuss your requirements or ideas if required.
  • No cash refund is available if the value of the voucher exceeds the purchase value. Rowan Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Prices given are guide prices. If your chosen commission is higher in price than the value of your original voucher, you will need to pay the price difference. You may for example want to use a more expensive wood type or have additional detail.
  • Commissions may take anything from a few weeks to up to several months depending on the size and level of detail. When you contact Rowan about your commission you will be given an estimate on how long the item will take to be made.
  • All Gift Vouchers are dated and valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The exact expiry date will be printed on the voucher. Commissions must be ordered by the expiry date but may take beyond the expiry date to complete.
  • Gift vouchers are subject to verification at the point of booking and or purchase.
  • Questions, comments and requests regarding Rowan Gift Vouchers terms and conditions are welcomed, please contact us via phone on 01223 566027 or email