Display inspiration at the Fitzwilliam Museum

Display inspiration at the Fitzwilliam Museum

Student artists at Rowan had the opportunity to visit their artwork at the Fitzwilliam William last week. The artwork was completed as part of the River Cam Project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. This project focused on and researched the contemporary and historical aspects of the heritage of the River Cam. Find out more about the project here.

Frank was over the moon with his artwork on display: “I thought my work has finally, at last, been put up in a museum. It is now where my work should rightly be.”

Rosie enjoyed seeing the other displays currently on at the Fitzwilliam Museum as well as her own work: “I was very glad to see it there and hopefully people will recognise my name and be inspired to be an artisit like I am. I enjoyed the Degas Ballet pictures too, they reminded me of when I did ballet as a little girl.”

Make sure you go along to The Fitzwilliam Museum to see our student artists’ artwork as well as the other amazing displays currently on. 


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