Getting creative at home

Getting creative at home

Last summer we had Fionn join us for a work placement for his module ‘Working in the Creative Industries’. He got in touch last week to let us know what he has been doing in lockdown and shared his work below as well as something you might like to try yourself!

‘I am almost at the end of my BA Graphic Design at Cambridge School of Art and am just finishing my major project. For this, I created a set of prints combining paper cutouts, collage and monoprinting which explored forgotten words from Shakespeare, Keats and John Clare. The relationship between language and images is central to the designs as well as how we relate to reading letters and how we interpret meaning from them.’

‘Due to COVID-19, I had to finish my final designs on my desk in my very small bedroom creating monoprints using a wooden spoon and blue tack. I found lockdown to be very liberating as it enabled me to focus intently on my designs and become more experimental without the distractions of travelling to college and sharing studio space. One of the discoveries I made during lockdown was how to use wooden spoons, blue tack, paper cut outs and monoprinting to create exciting designs in a home environment.’ 

He has shared with us instructions on how he has done this so you can also have a go at creating your own prints at home.

Thank you for sharing Fionn and everyone else enjoy!


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