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Rowan update May 2021

We’re so pleased to be open Rowan to our students again.

The majority of Rowan students and staff have been vaccinated and combined with hand hygiene, mask wearing, and social distancing rules, we are confident that the Rowan environment is safer than before for everyone to return. We still need to limit group sizes.

If you need to confirm dates and times please contact either Abi (Wed – Fri) or Gordon (Mon – Fri) on 01223 566027, you can also email them at abi@rowanhumberstone.co.uk or gordon@rowanhumberstone.co.uk

We are still currently offering online sessions, so check back here weekly for what we have on and make sure you check your Monday email update which will be out before 12pm!

What’s on this week? | W/C 10th May

Creative videos by Rowan staff.

Guided relaxation with Bethany – Find a nice quiet place to sit or lie down, and try this short guided relaxation to help you feel still and calm.

Drawing with Abi – Time to get creative with Abi with her drawing and painting videos. Check out all of her sessions so far. Why not have a go!

Story video – Gordonory – Listen to Gordon tell a variety of tales!

Gordon’s Caricature Time video – Watch Gordon showing you the basic ideas about creating a caricature. This week Gordon does a quick mix of a few famous faces!


Enjoy the sounds in this relaxing short video of Gordon playing with Bubble Wrap.

Check out all we have on via Zoom below. We would love to see you!

Please note: Chair Yoga with Lima will no longer be running on Zoom from this week – only in person. Our Favourite Things is cancelled until further notice. Makaton Sing and Sign is not happening this week but will be back next week. By clicking on the relevant Zoom link below, you should go straight to the zoom without being asked for meeting ID or Passcode. However, these are also listed below, just in case you are asked for them.

Are you interested in joining our online music Zoom sessions? There is still space for more students, so get in touch with music tutor Bethany on bethany@rowanhumberstone.co.uk for more details.


  • Social and catch up @ 1.15pm – this will be every Monday and will simply be for anyone who would like a catch up with Rowan friends. If you have a show and tell please bring it along to show everyone.  Click here for the link! (password: MonRowan)
  • Our Favourite Things – cancelled until further notice


  • Currently no Zoom sessions



  • Drama Llamas @ 1.15pm – Click here for the link! (password: ThursDrama)
  • Makaton Sign and Sing Zoom session @ 2.15pm – not happening this week


  • Disco Dancing for Fitness and Fun! @ 10.30amJoin us for half an hour of crazy dancing! Suitable for everyone so do come along to see your friends for a bop! Click here for the link! (password: Fri-Disco)

Worth checking out!

Grayson’s Art Club – https://www.graysonsartclub.com Grayson is opening his art club again. The themes and closing dates for submitting artworks are on the website. Take a look and see if you would like to make some art during lockdown to go in the exhibition.

Grayson’s Art Club – following on from the link we included above, please see the word document below with some more information about Grayson and his art club. It tells you a bit more about him and how the programme works. Hopefully you might want to watch the new series when it starts in February but you can also watch some of the old ones from last year to give you a taste of what it is about.’

BBC Lockdown learning schedule – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zvryp4j – the BBC has a selection of lockdown programmes for school children that could be interesting for anybody – check the website or your TV guide for more information.

Joe Wicks exercise classes on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ – Joe has different videos with great ideas for exercising for all abilities – take a look.

Artist of the week!

Visit our ‘Artist of the week’ page to discover famous artists from around the world including an activity for you to get involved in.

Activities to download…

After speaking to many of our student artists, parents and / or support workers we have decided not to keep adding to our activities list as many of you are getting busier with day-to-day activities, day placements, coming to Rowan and more! If anyone would like some home activities or needs some extra support at home please get in touch with our team here.

By popular demand check out our word searches…

Do not forget we have Rowan projects that we need your help with! See more below from the woodwork and ceramic studios.

Woodwork studio

Cambridge Council has asked us to make some insect hotels for their parks and green spaces. The recent storm blew down a giant London Plane tree on Jesus Green. We will use cross-cut sections from that tree and drill in an image designed by Rowan! We need some designs and ideas from you to put on the insect hotel. Click on the PDF for all the information and who to send your designs too!

Ceramic studio

The theme in our ceramic groups for the next few weeks is gardens, as we all found pleasure in them over the last few months. Small, big, imaginary, flower, veg, under the sea…. any garden is good! If you would like to draw anything garden related, we can make some designs with your drawings to make into clay pots or vases or sculptures. Make sure you get out and enjoy your gardens this week! Send your designs to Hetti or Abi via email.

Previous activities still available…

Connect with artworks from The Fitzwilliam Museum’s collection through seven new films that start with a guided relaxation, followed by exploration of the paintings from the comfort of your own home. We hope you enjoy!

Word search corner!

Baking with makaton – cinnamon biscuits!

Make sure you check out our artist of the week here. With lots of interesting facts and activities to complete!

W/C 24th August

Spot the difference! Russ and Al have left a mess in the workshop! Can you spot the 10 differences between these two pictures…

Match them up! Match the animal to their young – how quickly can you do it?

Our weekly word search is Olympic sports!

W/C 17th August

Now Rowan is back up and running with a small number of studios we have activities for you all to get involved in to support new projects. Check out two below from wood and ceramics!

Throw, Catch!

Bethany has recorded a new song for you all from South Africa including movements. Why not have a go?

We have two new word searches for you all – asked by popular demand!

W/C 3rd August and 10th August

Makaton baking!

Check out Briony May who has her own YouTube channel for baking with a makaton tutor. She has some great recipes you can try at home and learn makaton as you go!

The Wintergatan Marble Machine – check out this amazing musical instrument plus a fun activity to create your own!

Can you figure out these wood tool themed anagrams?

Football word search. It was the 54th Anniversary of England winning the World Cup on 30th July. Gordon has put together a football themed word search! Download and complete below or complete it online here.

Firstsite Artist Activity Packs

Stay inspired with activities from artists including Grayson Perry, Antony Gormley, Sarah Lucas, Gillian Wearing, Idris Khan, Cornelia Parker, Jeremy Deller, Vanley Burke, and many more. Download pack three below and if you would like more information on Firstsite or to see their other activity packs click here.

Looking for some more activities? Make sure you take a look at our artist of the week here and activities from previous weeks. Keep scrolling to see more!

W/C 27th July

Have a go at our alphabet scavenger hunt in the house or in the garden!

Get creative and create a dress with flowers…

Wild exploring – take an adventure at home!

Man on the moon word search – did you know it was the 51st anniversary of the moon landing on 21st July! Complete our themed word search.

Or complete it online here!

Get musical on the Chrome Music Lab! You can access the Chrome Music Lab on any device – phone, tablet, laptop – and try out the different activities to make sounds and music. Just click on any of the ‘Experiments’, then click the little yellow question mark for simple instructions on what to do. Which ‘Experiment’ is your favourite?

W/C 20th July

Design a flag for Rowan!

Giant word search! Our word searches have been so popular. Can you complete this GIANT one?

Profile face challenge! Can you draw a face from the side view? Have a go!

Play a drawing game! All you need is two or three people, a piece of paper, a pencil and your imagination.

A look into the woods! Join Russell in the woods plus a look back at our forest school adventures.

W/C 13th July

Learn ‘I Walk to the End of the Road’ with music tutor Bethany. Click on the video below to watch via Vimeo.

Complete our music wordsearch

Get creative, and maybe a little silly, with drawing faces on these potatoes!

Have you ever tried a blackout poem? It is super easy and fun to do. Follow the instructions below and have a go!

Our good friend Alison from The Fitzwilliam Museum has shared this wonderful video with us. It is 1 of 7 videos available where you can enjoy some relaxation movement before moving on to look at a painting. We hope you enjoy! If you like this one you can go on to explore the others.

W/C 6th July

Rowan’s dance word search!

Faces! Draw a happy face and a sad face – get as creative as you like!

Daft photo fun

Get creative!

Turn the fingerprint painted shapes into animals

These flowers need stems and leaves…can you help?

Check out this week’s artist of the week including a fun activity!

W/C 29th June

It is the 45th anniversary this week of Arthur Ashe becoming the first black player to win the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Trophy. Let’s celebrate by trying to find all of the Wimbledon Champs hidden in this word search…

Or you can complete it online – Click here!

Fingerprint tree – using pens, inks or paint create your own fingerprint tree!

I miss you Rowan card – print me off and colour me in. Then send me to a friend or family member.

Patterns and shading

Give all of these bowls a different pattern. Make sure you use different colours!

Use the different shading ideas to colour all of the oranges.

The lovely people at Access Art have created these cards to give you interesting drawing ideas. Click the link and take a look – see what you can do and send a photo of your drawings to Hetti for the Feel Good Friday newsletter.

W/C 22nd June

Makaton sign of the week is ‘to help’

Go on a mindful walk or sit in a quiet space or garden

Our friends at History works have a great activity to get musical…create your own shaker!

Grease is the word! Complete our Grease word search.

Colour me in!

Research these artists. Grab your phone, laptop or tablet and research these artists. Find out more about they background and what they do. Maybe even have a go yourself!

W/C 15th June

Did you know that this week is Learning Disability week 2020? The theme for this week is the importance of friendship during lockdown.

Take a look at the Mencap website here to learn more. They have also created a wonderful activity to create your own friendship flag which you can have a go at. Click on the link below to download.

Have a go at completing at sewing themed word search and crossword puzzle!

Shapes of home – get creative and fill in all the shapes

Here’s a monster but he needs a head!

W/C 8th June

Colour me!

Design a vase – can you give this vase a new design? What sort of flowers will be in your vase?

Beetles – draw as many beetles as you can. Design your own or get some inspiration outside or online!

Fill each square with as many colours and patterns as you can!

The Wonder of a Pebble – in previous weeks we have encouraged you to take a look at Kettle’s Yard to discover their pebble challenge. Take a look at The Wonder of a Pebble activity from the Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination website to discover and imagine. Click here to see the full activity.

This activity is from the Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination website. We wanted to share it with you so you can then explore their site as they have so much to offer. Click here to see more of their website.

W/C 1st June

Carnival time! Colour in Christopher’s carnival. Why don’t you have a go at creating your own?

Rowan’s art crossword. Download the blank crossword and have a go. Once you have all the answers, or as many as you can, download the answers – no cheating!

Create your own river of colour! Collect colours from within the home or outside in the garden. Put them together to create a river of colour. You can do this through a collage, you can create a river in the garden, you could put it all to paper.

Click here to read the full activity in full and get inspired or you can download the PDF activity…

This activity is from the Cambridge Curiousity and Imagination website. We wanted to share it with you so you can then explore their site as they have so much to offer. Click here to see more of their website.

Design a birthday cake – it is your friend’s birthday and you want to design them the most wonderful birthday cake. Think about the designs and the flavours – don’t forget the candles!

Rowan word search – can you find all the Rowan words?

W/C 25th May

Wordsearch – We all love Disney but can you complete this Disney wordsearch?

Click here to complete online

Makaton time – This week we are introducing our new Thursday Makaton online Zoom session. This will be each week at 2pm. We will be learning Katy Perry’s ‘Raw’. If you would like to join us all the information is just above and you can practice ‘Raw’ by clicking here! We look forward to seeing you then.

Colour the world – flamenco is a style of dance, music and song from southern Spain. Colour the picture and learn how to flamenco! Make sure you send your Spanish flamenco poses to Hetti on hetti@rowanhumberstone.co.uk.

Incan textiles – The Incan empire existed in South America, near what is now Peru, 800 years ago. They were a large civilization with highly developed artwork. Some of the art they are most famous for was their textiles. Have a go at colouring in the one created before creating your own.

Battleships – create your own battleships game and play against members of your household.

W/C 18th May

Making art this way makes me feel closer to nature. When you go outside take a moment to sit, breathe, feel, smell and listen to all the wonders going on around you.

Butterfly collage – Using pieces of magazine or coloured papers make a beautiful collage in the Butterly!

Let’s get musical – How many musical instruments can you draw?

Self portrait – Find a mirror and take a good look and then draw your own self portrait!

Getting creative at home – Last summer we had Fionn join us for a work placement for his module ‘Working in the Creative Industries’. During lockdown he has had to get creative to find ways to complete some of his work. Take a look at how he is using items from home to create monoprints using a wooden spoon and blue tack. Why don’t you have a go yourself!

W/C 11th May

Woodwork workout! Can you help woodwork work out what tools these are? Complete the dot-to-dots to find out.

Redesign Rowan’s logo – Download the shape of our logo and then get creative. This can be with different colours, a collage, items from the garden, arts and crafts – whatever you think. Make sure you then send a photo of your completed work to hetti@rowanhumberstone.co.uk as we would love to see your designs.

Fantasy meal – In lockdown lots of you have been helping to cook as well as doing some baking. We would like you to create your own fantasy meal as well as who you would share it with.

Musical drawing – Put some music on and close your eyes, with a pen or pencil let your hand dance and move with the music. See what you create!

Pebble Challenge! Explore artworks, objects and ideas from the Kettle’s Yard Collection to create your own art. Each pebble marks an activity to make and do at home, using the things you find around your house. Click here to find out more and get stuck in.

W/C 4th May

Design a sculpture for your town!

Check out these ten amazing wood videos!

Why not have a go at singing our 35 Years of Rowan song written and performed by our Rowan music students and Bethany. Lyrics and the song to sing along too below!

Last week the Rowan staff got together to send a message out to all of our students, volunteers and supporters. Why don’t you have a go? Create your own message and take a photo of you holding it up. Then you can send it to Hetti to include in the e-newsletter or send to a friend, neighbour or family member!

W/C 27th April

Tracy is a punk rocker, draw and colour her an amazing new hair style!

10 must see woodcraft artists and sculptors with added activities for you to complete.

Find a place to sit outside – in the garden, on your front doorstep or by a window with it open. Sit and listen to discover your soundscape.

As a Rowan student artist you have been asked to make a painting for a big exhibition. Let’s get creative!

Did you know that a number of famous museums from all over the world have virtual tours available. So from your sofa you can explore! View the full list here or go to our favourite The British Museum.

We hope you enjoy this week’s activities. If you have any ideas you would like to put forward or suggestions please get in touch on hetti@rowanhumberstone.co.uk.

W/C 20th April

Join Abi and add patterns to the coffee pot and cups!

Here is Hilary’s nature collage. An activity to prepare for when you are back at Rowan…

Get creativity with our ‘last letter’ picture game!

Become a Jedi by taking part in our Star Wars quiz!

Draw the things you would love to see outside of your window!

W/C 14th April

Get creative with this cat pattern created by Chris! Once you have completed them send them in to hetti@rowanhumberstone.co.uk.

Explore the world around you with Hilary’s nature challenge!

All aboard the Rowan express! Have a train adventure with Russell.

British bird quiz created by Gordon!

W/C 6th April

Word search central

Click on the links below to complete our other word searches online or you can download to print off from the website:

Animal Word Search

Artists Word Search

Star Wars Word Search

The Hare of Woven Wood

This week’s drama Zoom session focuses on the story created by our Rowan Rangers ‘Hare of Woven Wood’. You can read the full story here:

Easter egg time

Fancy creating your own Easter egg? Download and print to design your own!

Why don’t you have a go at making your on naturally dyed Easter eggs? You can follow our instructions here:

Thank you for sending your completed pictures back in Sasha!

Check out our resource links page here. With lots to do through Access Art, The Fitzwiliam Museum and more!