Knitting at Rowan

A new club has started at Rowan, knitting!



knitting club
The textiles studio was set up at Rowan in 2013, and is now run for 3 days a week with plans to expand. Some of our students have a great affinity with textiles and have been exploring and developing a wide range of skills including appliqué and embroidery. Lately knitting has been become an interest to a few who have now set up a lunch time knitting club to teach others who maybe interested.

A poster was created advertising the event, and posted around Rowan. The club is slowing growing and the participants who have shown interest are learning quickly and really enjoying themselves.





learning to knitOne of Rowan’s main ambitions is to raise learning-disabled people’s abilities and increase their confidence. Often our workshops are student-led, enabling everyone to actively  control, plan and manage the work they do.











learning to knitt


This student is creating lots of squares which she is going to be making into a bag using knit and purl stiches. The wool we use is donated, like most of the other materials we use in the textiles studio.

Recently our repurposing of materials has led us to take part in an exhibition CirculART Trail, where we have created an exhibition A Pounce of Cats in the window of The Cat Flap on Mill Road.




IMG_2812 webHere are some of the squares she has already made.











The bag is complete and looking fantastic. Elizabeth web


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