Making labyrinths

Rowan is known for many reasons, and not just for our work with learning disabled people. Historically the charity has worked with wood and it is only in the last few years has it included other art forms such as textiles, print and music. 


Four years ago, Kay Barrett, a key supporter of the charity commissioned us to make some labyrinths for her. She runs Kay’s Pathway  – an organisation runs labyrinth retreats, quiet days and labyrinth community events. Kay uses labyrinths for a range of reasons, and is particularly interested in the effect that labyrinths have on the body, mind and spirit.


“Generally, it is calming, and draws the walker or finger labyrinth user into a deeper consciousness. Profound insights may arise while a person is in this relaxed, self-aware state.”


Around this time we installed a CNC machine (Computer Numeric Control). Linked to a computer using VECTOR programme, the machine carves into the flat surface of wood creating precise carvings. This has allowed us to really develop the range of wood products we create, and because we are able to use a number of tools  on the CNC machine we have the ability to create very intricate carvings. 




For Kay, the Rowan wooden finger labyrinths are …

“perfect for times of quiet personal reflection. It is said that the pathway of the labyrinth is symbolic of the journey of life. The beauty of the wood grain and the silky texture of the wood fills the senses and enables a spirit of peacefulness and calm. The Addenbrooke’s pain management team saw the Rowan finger labyrinths on display during Mental Health Awareness Week and decided to buy a supply of Rowan finger labyrinths to offer to people who are in chronic pain.”


We use a range of seasoned woods to make the labyrinths, particularly recycled wood, from furniture, desks and benches and we urgently looking for more wood to use. Please do contact or call 01223 566027 if you can help. 

We particularly like the World Wide Labyrinth Locator website. Click on this link, and it takes you to labyrinths located near Cambridge, alternatively you can put in your own search. 


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