Our impact

We recognise that it is important to demonstrate the impact that Rowan has and we are focused on monitoring and evaluation. 

In our 2021 student survey, our student artists told us:

75 %
feel happy, confident and have fun when they are at Rowan
75 %
have made friends at Rowan
75 %
try new things at Rowan
75 %
feel that they have choice at Rowan
75 %
feel more independent since coming to Rowan
75 %
keep active at Rowan
75 %
experience an improvement in their mood at Rowan

Here are a few things our student artists have said about us…

Meet some of our student artists

Take a moment to hear from our student artists who have been benefitting from our online support through Zoom sessions, home activity packs, phone calls and so much more!

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