Our people

Rowan’s staff

Cherie Evans

Chief Executive Officer

Gordon Mackenzie

Student Support Manager

Abi Moore

Creative Workshop Manager

Hetti King

Marketing and Communications Manager

Rose Bloomfield

Fundraising and Events Manager

Sarah Nibbs

Tutor and Ceramics Technician

Christopher Deane

Print and mixed media Tutor

Alistair Burgass

Woodcraft Tutor

Victoria Hamilton-Wason


Lindsey McAuley

Drama Tutor

Bethany Kirby

Music Tutor

Hilary Sugai

Textiles Tutor

Lima Rose

Mixed Media Tutor

Steve Faint

Mixed media and supply tutor

Peter Drury

Ceramics Assistant / General Assistant

Russell Cuthbert

Forest school leader

Lorraine Whybrow

Forest school leader

Karen Nicholson

General Tutor and Studio Support

Rowan has a dedicated group of trustees

Rosalind Morgan


Ruth Laslett


Jonathan Wilson


Ray Olds


David McConnell


Ruth McGowan


Our volunteers

Rowan couldn’t run without the support of our dedicated team of volunteers. 

Volunteers support students at Rowan in workshops and at forest school and we also have volunteers helping with administration and fundraising. If you would like to get involved – why not become a volunteer?

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Your support makes a big difference!

It costs over £550,000 a year to run Rowan. Can you help us?


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