Mixed media

In mixed media, student artists use a wide range of materials and techniques such as felting, paint, collage, print, Modroc, and textiles to create 2D and 3D artworks. Student artists may also choose to engage in embodied arts with simple yoga and explorative dance and movement workshops.

Mixed media at Rowan is led by tutor Lima Rose. Before joining Rowan in 2010, Lima volunteered at Headway and Mind supporting and running art workshops. Lima believes in giving student artists the space to become present through mindfulness and has therefore established this as a permanent part of activities at Rowan.

Student artists are also supported by tutor Steve Faint. Steve has a background in fine art, and outside of Rowan he uses his painting practice to explore environmental themes. He also has a degree in teaching.

If you would like to be creative and use a wide range of materials – why not become a student?

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