Portrait: New print works from Rowan

Portrait: New print works from Rowan

Michael house Centre, Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1SU

Monday 25 January until Saturday 6 February 2016

rowanexhibimage-smallThis exhibition presents a series of new prints produced by our students in our recently set up print room that was funded by Cambridgshire Community Foundation. Portrait: New print works from Rowan profiled the extraordinary works of art that Rowan’s learning-disabled students have been creating using a variety of techniques that include monoprint, intaglio and relief printing.

The exhibition includes portraits and self-portraits, where students have gone beyond mere representation to create powerful and striking images that incorporate the uniqueness and essence of the individual. It celebrates the power of art to develop confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing. Rowan’s student’s benefit from the transformative power of the visual arts and this can be life-changing.

This exhibition will be re-presented at Addenbrookes Treatment Centre (ATC) gallery from 13 June – 1 August.

During this exhibition, Rowan launched its fundraising appeal. For over 30 years, Rowan has been striving to improve the lives of learning-disabled people, using the arts as an effective way to enhance lives and providing opportunities for self-expression. We are developing a programme of activity to include music, drama and movement. This will add great benefits for our students, offering them a wider choice of activities and support their creative and personal development.

To do this we need to reconfigure our facilities creating more functional spaces with better access throughout the building. Our existing facilities need upgrading and refurbishing. This will expand opportunities for learning-disabled people and provide for people with more severe disabilities.

Part of our development plan includes making a section of our Humberstone Road premises available to the community. These will include meeting rooms, an exhibition area, kitchenette and disabled toilet facilities with a hoist lift and changing table. The new spaces will be available for hire to other community, arts and wellbeing groups, creating opportunities for the whole community.

Rowan is asking for donations and support to fund a music programme and the redevelopment of its facilities on Humberstone Road. If you can help please contact Bridget Cusack bridget@rowanhumberstone.co.uk or on 01223 566027.


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