Radio Waves

Radio Waves  

One of our latest pieces of work is now in pride of place at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge.

The bench was made in honour of Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell who discovered the first radio pulsar in 1967 whilst studying as a graduate student at the College. The wave down the middle of the bench is a radio wave that accurately traces the same radio wave discovered.

The bench itself is made from Iroko, with glow resin inserts to give it something special! If you get a chance to see the bench take a closer look and you will see a pyrographed (woodburning) spaniel on the top.

Rowan student artists were involved right from the first visit, from the concept to the construction. Francis, a student volunteer, came forward with the idea which was chosen out of a possible three. The students have helped the woodwork team with joining the timber (using a biscuit joiner), routing, pouring and mixing the resin. 

“We are delighted to have such a wonderful bench for our garden, we look forward to seeing students enjoy it. Thank you to Rowan for all your hard work on it, it was very interesting to collaborate with you on this project.” – Jo Cobb, Head Gardener at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge.

We would also like to thank Chris Barrett, the local blacksmith, who did all the metal work for the bench.


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