Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary

Day 12 – Saturday 4th April

  • 20 minutes plus 5 minutes’ cooldown level 12
  • Flat bench, deadlifts and abs
  • Max heart rate = 162bpm
  • Calories = 212
  • Distance covered = 6.75 miles 
  • Total distance so far = 127.10 miles

Music to keep those legs going round today was Level 42

Today I leave the beautiful Chanonry Point and rejoin my route again.  I’m heading for the bridge at North Kessock to cross the Moray Firth and today’s pedalling takes me to Munlochy.

Munlochy is a small village lying at the head of narrow Munlochy Bay. 

Early records of a settlement here are scarce, but it seems likely that some of Munlochy’s early growth was to house workers quarrying stone nearby for the building of Fort Georgeon the far side of the Moray Firth in the 1760s. 

On the A832 just to the north of the village is the Clootie Well where pilgrims came (and still come) to leave strips of cloth as offering to cure illness (we could do with a few of those now!)

Munlochy is also a haven for birds with its tidal sand and mudflats and is very popular with bird watchers.

And if you are partial a drop of organic beer, then head just a couple of miles west to the Black Isle Brewery

Day 13 – Sunday 5th April

I sensibly decided to make this a rest day – and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. What a fantastic day – really lifted the spirits.

The wonderful Maison Clement bakery in Hills Road assisted with my hot cross bun research (very arduous task but needs must) and these were delicious with an afternoon cup of tea in the garden.

Meanwhile Mary was busy with some baking and made bread rolls – for all those garden picnics we will no doubt be enjoying soon!

These are so easy – really soft and light and the best bit – no kneading!

Fancy trying it yourself at home? Click on the recipe below!


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