Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary

Day 15 – Tuesday 7th April

  • 20 minutes plus 5 minutes’ cooldown level 11
  • Flat bench, deadlifts, incline bench and squats
  • Max heart rate = 154bpm
  • Calories = 210
  • Distance covered = 7.1 miles
  • Total distance so far = 150.55 miles

A good rest yesterday afternoon to try and recover from the tough morning. Thankfully I’m back on track today and got through just over seven miles – my best yet on a ‘normal gym day’!

Such a glorious day today, and Hold On Tight and Mr Blue Sky with The Electric Light Orchestra (The Very Best of) kept the wheels spinning.

Leaving Aldourie and the shores of Loch Ness, I cut across country to get back to my route on the A9 and enjoyed the beautiful scenery at Loch Duntelchaig and Loch Ashie along the way. I just about made it to Balnafoich – it used to be little more than a croft but has now developed into quite a settlement – what a beautiful place for a holiday.

Loch Ness and Loch Lomond are the names we are familiar with – but in fact there are 31,460 freshwater lochs (including lochans) in Scotland and bizarrely, for unknown reasons, there is also a lake! Lake of Menteith used to be a loch but in the 19th century was mysteriously changed to a Lake. Lochs or lakes, I think it is a fair assumption I won’t be visiting them all but I hope to enjoy just a few on my journey south!


And so, I reach the last day of my second week on my epic journey and just over two weeks since Britain went into its own epic journey of lockdown. Thankfully spring hasn’t gone into lockdown and every day brings new delights – just look how far the chestnut tree has come!

I came across this poem which was written in 1869 by Kathleen O’Mara and reprinted in 1919 at the time of the Spanish ‘flu pandemic.  

And people stayed at home

And read books

And listened

And they rested

And did exercises

And made art and played

And learned new ways of being

And stopped and listened more deeply

Someone meditated, someone prayed

Someone met their shadow

And people began to think differently

And people healed

And in the absence of people who 

Lived in ignorant ways

Dangerous, meaningless and heartless,

The earth also began to heal 

And when the danger ended and

People found themselves

They grieved for the dead

And made new choices

And dreamed of new visions

And created new ways of living

And completely healed the earth

Just as they were healed

Check out the map to see how we’ve come!


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