Day 9 – Wednesday 1st April

  • 60 minutes plus 5 minutes’ cooldown level 7
  • Max heart rate = 156bpm
  • Calories = 484
  • Distance covered = 18.02 miles 
  • Total distance so far = 95.21 miles

I clearly wasn’t quick enough and I’ve ended up on bike 2 again! I fiddled with the resistance and instead of level 8 I dropped it to level 7 but using the same hill programme.  Great result – I covered 18.02 miles – longest yet. However, calories burned slightly lower.  I’ve also recorded interval stats to see if I can improve on these:

Minute 20 – 5.40 miles, bpm 148

Minute 40 – 11.01 miles, bpm 156

Minute 60 – 16.56 miles bpm 152

Finish after cooldown, 18.02 miles, pulse 153

Temperatures along the route a chilly 7˚C – time to dig out the hat! 

This is one David bought in Iceland, where he got so cold his ears hurt!  It must have been cold as he hates hats! As you can see, I’m ready with the sun hat as by the time I finish this ride it could well be baking hot!

Leaving Skelbo, we head towards the Dornoch Firth.  At one time, the Meikle Ferry took passengers across this tidal water. On 16 August 1809, in clear weather conditions, the overloaded ferry capsized and ninety-nine people died. The disaster prompted the building of a bridge upriver at Bonar Bridge. Pedalling hard across here I sadly have to ride on by the Glenmorangie Distillery

– a nip of whisky could be just the thing in this temperature – straight through Knockbreck and Kildary and a short three mile detour from the A9 to take a look at the tiny hamlet of Kilmuir .

Once a thriving fishing village, this is now just a row of cottages on the beautiful Nigg Bay end of the Cromarty Firth.

You might be a bit lonely up here but you can grab a cottage for around £115,000!

The talented Lisa Stansfield kept me company today with her Biography album of greatest hits.

All Around The World, This Is The Right Time and These are The Days Of Our Lives – great listening.

Feeling pleased with the distance travelled today (well OK, not looking so good on the map – still a long way to go –) and by the end I certainly didn’t need the hat!