Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary Day 16

Day 16 – Wednesday 8th April

  • 60 minutes plus 5 minutes’ cooldown level 7 (bike 2)
  • Max heart rate = 157bpm
  • Calories = 494 (total 4846)
  • Distance covered = 18.21 miles 
  • Total distance so far = 168.76

Pedalling well today – not quite my record, but I crossed the 18 mile mark again and I burnt 494 calories. The fabulous Rolling Stones kept me company today with their Hot Rocks 1964 – 1971 album. I started off with Time Is On My Side. So true at the moment – absolutely no rush to get to Land’s End and those amongst us of a certain age will surely remember dancing round handbags to such classics as Jumping Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Women and Brown Sugar!  

Note to readers – this is definitely neither Rosalind or Mary 😊!

Leaving Balnafoich, I head a short way further north and with a sharp V rejoin the A9 on my journey south. This takes me past the beautiful little Loch Moy, apparently popular with wild swimmers – I think I’ll stick to the bike at this time of year!

No time to pause for a tasting at the Tomatin Distillery…

but I stop long enough to learn that they are holding a Lockdown Whisky Festival….

 – a world first apparently! Keen whisky drinkers might want to check it out here. Heartening to see some of the inventive ideas emerging in these difficult times.

I’m on some high peaks today and my destination for the day is Slochd, (or Slochd Mor) a summit, 1,315 ft above sea level, where there is a passing loop between Carrbridge and Tomatin. A large proportion of Highland railways are single track and very steep. Trains in opposite directions are timed and alternated and these passing loops allow one train to move aside to let the other through. The railway and road both make use of this narrow pass in the hills. There’s also a stunning viaduct here – very evocative of Scottish railway scenery as the tracks find their way across the mountains.


Mary has taken to alternating her biking days with running (she’s clearly never going to make it to Land’s End like that 😊) but it does allow time to enjoy the flora and fauna in this beautiful spring sunshine.

Aviemore is in ‘sight’ and my next leg will take me through the outskirts of the Cairngorms.


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