Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary Day 19 & 20

Day 19 – Saturday 11th April

  • 20 minutes plus 5 minutes’ cooldown level 13 (bike 1)
  • Flat bench, deadlifts and abs
  • Max heart rate = 157bpm
  • Calories = 238, total so far = 5844
  • Distance covered = 7.5 miles
  • Total distance so far = 202.76

A tale of our times – I was left to my own devices today as my trainer (aka David) was on guard at the kitchen window, credit card in hand to pay for today’s bread delivery from Maison Clement – can’t miss that! So I was able to opt for bike 1 and after all the extra work on bike 2, I found I was able to up the level to 13 and pedal through 7.5 miles – a record for the ‘short’ cycle days. And we’ve now passed the 200 mile mark – time to tuck into the delicious Maison Clement bread!

David was then able to hop onto the bike and do his bit to keep me company – a creditable level 18 for 10 minutes!

I moved slightly more up to date with my music choices today and Wake Me Up from Avicii was a good kick start to the session, followed by Dua Lipa with Don’t Start Now – both good strong beats to help me push the pace.

Today I continue on south, following the River Spey and make it as far as Etteridge.  It may be only a tiny hamlet but as well as the beautiful Etteridge Loch there’s loads to do and see in the area. The Highland Folk Museum, where you can find out about Highland life in the 18thcentury.

The Outdoor Discovery Centre and the Loch Insh Watersport Centre for the energetic amongst us. And for those looking for a quieter way to explore, you can even try out a Segway.

Well they’ll never reach Land’s End like that!

Day 20 – Sunday 12th April

So, we reach another rest day – and what a beautiful Easter weekend.  Of course, it is sad we can’t go and visit family and friends or have to miss a much-anticipated long weekend away. However, on the upside – at last a Bank Holiday weekend where the roads aren’t nose to tail with traffic, no-one is frantically shopping and catering for big family gatherings and we can do as much or as little as we like with the weekend – bake, read, finish that jigsaw, play with the children, do the crossword or catch up with the gardening. Clearly someone quite local to me (and very well known in the area!) is a keen gardener and I spotted this on one of my last walks before the lockdown. So, the Easter Bunny does exist!


I thought this would be a good opportunity to give you a bit of background to my training routine.

Those of you who know me, or who have read the diary from the start, will know that I train with David three times a week, but recently that hadn’t been happening. 

In the autumn 2019 I had a series of injections in my neck to try to control my headaches, these initially made them much worse, so I didn’t train regularly. This was followed by the Christmas break and I didn’t start back training until January. Then two weeks later I was ill and couldn’t train at all. 

I had only just started back gently building up again when the Corona virus lockdown came, so I am hoping that doing the JoGLE challenge will really give me some focus and help get my fitness levels back to where they were last summer.

After a car accident many years ago, I developed a degenerative spine condition and had been advised to have vertebrae fused, something I wanted to avoid if possible. Fortunately, my GP had recently attended a talk by a consultant in pain medicine who had impressed him greatly so referred me to him, and I continue to see him and manage my symptoms and so far I have avoided fusing. 

One of his suggestions was to improve my muscular frame to support the weak area and that’s when I started training with David back in 2001. We became good friends, then a couple and finally got married in 2010. Because training is such an important part of our lives when we built our house, we included a gym where we now train three times a week.

Before starting the JoGLE challenge, David noted down my start point statistics and he continues to monitor them. In the now almost three weeks since starting the ride you can see how the mileage I can cover has improved. I am also working on my muscular strength. 

I note in the JoGLE diary which exercises I do on each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but not the weights or repetitions. For those of you who are interested, yesterday my work set on the bench was 18 reps with 40kgs and on the deadlift, 8 reps with 70kgs. These weights and repetitions have also improved and I hope I will continue to make progress. And finally, for those not entirely sure what either of these is – a peek inside the gym!


However, today I’m enjoying a rest in the wonderful sunshine and I’m pleased to report that the Maison Clement sourdough was delicious with mashed avocado, a little chilli, some vine tomatoes and poached eggs – the perfect spring lunch.

Meanwhile Mary, having just a little extra time on her hands, experimented with some hot cross buns.

If anyone fancies trying these out you can download the recipe here:

Anything can be currency in these interesting times of limited shopping and today a couple of the hot cross buns were traded over the hedge for spring greens and rosemary to accompany the Easter lamb! 


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