Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary, Day 35

Day 35 – Monday 27th April

  • 65 minutes at 150 watts
  • Max heart rate = 152 bpm
  • Calories = 664 (total so far 11770)
  • Distance covered = 23.34 miles
  • Total distance so far = 401.99

Back on the watts programme today, which although a bit boring does seem to eat up the miles – and I’m almost in sight of the border. I have also passed the 400 mile mark – which makes you realise just how big Scotland is!

Another singer sadly missed was keeping me company today – George Michael with his Ladies and Gentlemen album. One More Try encouraged me to keep going but by the end I was hoping he would Heal The Pain!


I’m continuing south on the B7076, running fairly close to the A74M and my route takes me through Lockerbie.

Lockerbie has probably existed since at least AD900 and maybe even earlier as the remains of a Roman camp have been found about mile west of the town. 

However, the Lockerbie of present day can trace its roots back to 1730 when the local landowners made plots of land available along the line of the high street and it became a staging post on the carriage route from Glasgow to London. In 1816 Thomas Telford’s Carlisle to Glasgow road put it more firmly on the map and this was cemented with the arrival of the railway line in 1847.

Sadly, the name of Lockerbie is, of course, known worldwide because of the tragedy that took place there on Wednesday 21 December 1988. At 7.03pm a bomb on board a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, Pan American Flight 103 en route from London to New York, exploded over Lockerbie, bringing the aircraft down on and around the town. 243 passengers, 16 crew and 11 residents of Lockerbie were killed. The 270 victims ranged in age from 2 months to 82 years and came from 21 nations.

The disaster is remembered in a number of ways. Stained glass windows in the Town Hall display the flags of the countries whose nationals were killed. There is also a Book of Remembrance held in the Memorial Room at Tundergarth; and at Dryfesdale Cemetery, a little to the west of Lockerbie, there is the Garden of Remembrance and Lockerbie Air Disaster Memorial.

However, my final destination today is the delightfully named Ecclefechan. It was also a staging post on the London to Glasgow route (a journey which took 6 days by the way!) and the imposing Ecclefechan Hotel and the broad high street are reminiscent of much busier times here.

The writer Thomas Carlyle was born here but a much tastier claim to fame is that it has its very own tart! Most definitely not on the healthy eating plan but I couldn’t resist a picture of it here. There are loads of different recipes on the internet if anyone fancies having a go!


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