Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary, Day 47

Week 7 day 47 – Saturday 9th May

  • 20 minutes + 5 mins cool down level 15 (bike 1)
  • Flat bench and dead lifts
  • Max heart rate = 164 bpm
  • Calories = 274 (total so far 16240)
  • Distance covered = 7.97 miles
  • Saturday evening road bike ride = 7.10 miles
  • Total distance so far = 580.64

Another tough week struggling with headaches and poor sleep, but somehow, I dragged something out of the reserves and for a 4th day I set the bike at level 15. My aim was to try and get over 8 miles and I only just fell short – a challenge for next week then!

Madonna’s Immaculate Collection was my accompaniment today – a suitable role model as someone who is known for ‘pushing the boundaries’ and still going strong at nearly 62.

Today, I start my journey with a ferry across the Mersey. This iconic part of Liverpool’s history is still very popular with commuters and cyclists and it also offers themed cruises in daytime and evening. 

I continue on down The Wirral, past Port Sunlight, a beautiful model village with wide boulevards and charming cottages, all built in an intriguing range of architectural styles. It was originally built for workers at the nearby Lever Brothers Factory and now, whilst still housing more than 2000 residents, it is also an award-winning tourist attraction with a museum, art gallery and walking tours around its 130 acres of parkland and gardens.

I travel through Hooton, now part of Ellesmere Port, which used to have one of the finest country houses in the area – sadly now demolished (1932) due to neglect and large gambling debts.

Taking advantage of the fantastic Saturday weather, Rosalind and David ventured out on the road bikes again and added another few miles to the journey, arriving in Moston. This is a village on the outskirts of Chester and near to the Shropshire Union Canal and the River Dee which both flow through the city. Now there’s a tempting way to travel!


Rosalind has been reading the Liverpool Echo (the wonders of the internet!) so, before we leave the Liverpool area, and in true VE Day/Lockdown spirit, we thought you would like a little quiz to try out on friends and family on your next Zoom meeting. We can’t claim to have got them all right ourselves, but Rosalind definitely had an answer to number 18 as last year she went to an area of Italy where these were first used. Good luck!


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