Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary, Day 52

Week 8 day 52 – Thursday 14th May

  • 25 minutes 120 watts (bike 1)
  • Sets of incline bench and squats
  • Max heart rate = 119 bpm
  • Calories = 215 (total so far 17748)
  • Distance covered = 9.01 miles
  • Total distance so far = 645.48

I got back into the music today and sampled some Tears for Fears, Mad World – going way back in time to 1982, but strangely poignant for the situation we find ourselves in now.

I’m continuing south on the A49 and today with another good mileage I make it to Longnor. It’s a sizeable village on the edge of the Peak District with a bustling square, attractive streets of stone houses and little tucked away alleyways. It is recorded in the Domesday book as Longenalre and is now a good starting point for some excellent walks. 

If you fancy going a bit further afield, it’s also a good location to visit Acton Burnell Castle. It was built by Bishop Burnell, Edward I’s Lord Chancellor and it is believed that the first Parliament of England at which the Commons were fully represented was held here in 1283. Parliament was held here again in 1285 but by 1420 the castle was abandoned and allowed to decay while a new house, Acton Burnell Hall, was built beside it. However, what remains is an impressive example of a medieval fortified manor house and is well worth a visit.

The other place worth a quick look is Cronkhill House. It was designed by John Nash, the renowned architect behind many famous landmarks such as Regent Street in London and Brighton Pavilion. 

It would appear to have been a rather extravagant gift for a friendship that turned sour. It was built in the then popular Italianate style for Francis Walford, a friend and agent of the 2nd Lord Berwick, who lived in the mansion at nearby Attingham Park. Walford took residency at Cronkhill in 1806. However, in a letter from 1828 Lord Berwick complained of Walford’s neglect of duty and Walford eventually left both Cronkhill and the service of Lord Berwick.

As you will have probably gathered, both Rosalind and Mary love to travel, as I expect many of you do too. We have both been lucky enough to visit many places abroad and in the UK. Naturally, it is frustrating to be confined to home as we have all been for the past two months, with no immediate prospect on the horizon of reinstating travel. However, we will all travel again and we hope this little travelogue about our own beautiful island will inspire you, once restrictions are lifted, to disover some of the undiscovered delights right here on our own doorstep. 


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