Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary, Day 55

Week 7 Day 55 – Sunday 10th May

It was a return to the sunshine today for our ‘rest day’ and very welcome after the rather low temperatures this week. 

Rosalind took to the bicycle again for a spin in Cambridge (more ‘active rest’ with David!) and enjoyed a stop for some delicious ice cream – just another sign of business cautiously returning to some sort of normality. Still no sitting down in cafes, but it’s good to see the resourcefulness of restauranteurs and food vendors with takeaway facilities. Passion fruit and malted milk was almost certainly not part of our five a day but who can resist! 

Meanwhile Mary headed out for a long awaited and much treasured walk with her daughter. Never did views across the Cambridgeshire countryside look so beautiful or a flapjack and a flask of coffee taste so delicious!


We loved the stunning origami pineapple at Berrington Hall – very fitting for an 18thcentury house as during the 1800s there was a real mania for pineapples. Due to its rarity and the cost of obtaining one, it became a symbol of luxury, nobility, and wealth throughout Europe. A single pineapple could fetch a fortune. Thus, the host who was able to present freshly cut pineapple to his or her guests was the one with money, power, and connections. And if you couldn’t afford the real thing, then ceramic fruit decorations were very much in vogue and could be hired for the duration of a dinner party, making the table look fabulous even if no one could eat it! 

You may have noticed that the pineapple was the emblem for the Feast and Fast Exhibition held at the Fitzwilliam Museum from November to April, and with which the Rowan students had a strong connection.

The students were involved with the exhibition even before it was installed and were invited to handle and choose some of the exhibits to go on display and Vicky Avery chose a teapot in the shape of a pineapple. Later they had great fun making and decorating ceramic platters with a food theme and even making ‘fake’ ceramic food. 

Do read the lovely report on the students’ involvement with the Feast and Fast exhibition as they clearly had a lot of fun painting and decorating as well as hosting their very own feast at Rowan. One of the ceramic creations – a very realistic plate of profiteroles – is now on permanent display at the museum.


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