Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary, Day 62

Week 9 day 62 – Sunday 24th May

Bank Holidays – like the number 7 bus, none for ages then suddenly they all seem to come at once, and unfortunately at a time when for a lot of us they don’t look a lot different from the rest of the week.

Bit of a breezy one for our rest day this week, but I think we are all enjoying a bit more freedom and perhaps venturing slightly further afield.

Mary managed another distance walk with her daughter and enjoyed swapping home baking results. For those of you who have read Friday’s diary, the ‘healthy’ option did not make the cut!

For Rosalind, with regular pings on her photos’ app on the phone, all these bank holidays have been a reminder that so often in the past, bank holidays meant that she and David would be away on a trip somewhere. 

There have been so many adventures over the years: lots of trips to Spain (Madrid, Seville and Menorca), Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, The Douro River and Ria Formosa Natural Park) Paris, Amsterdam, Cuba and Turkey, as well as a breathtaking trip to Marrakesh and the Atlas Mountains. This is a desperately challenging time for the travel industry worldwide. We have met so many wonderful people while travelling and we hope that their livelihoods survive this difficult time. We’ve included a few pictures to whet your appetite for when we can start to travel again and hopefully, we can kick start the industry back into life.

If you have been with us for the journey so far, you will know that we have also travelled a lot in the UK and the diary research has provided some happy memories and a time to reflect as well as inspiration for new areas to visit. 

Whilst we have enjoyed our peaceful bike rides along King’s Parade, for the city to survive we hope it will soon return to the more usual sight of throngs of tourists striving for the perfect selfie.  Government quarantine restrictions may rule out foreign travel – and restrict foreign visitors – for quite a while and we hope reading this will inspire you with plenty of ideas for a UK holiday.


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