Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary, Day 72

Week 11 day 72 – Wednesday 3rd June

  • 65 minutes at 160 watts
  • Max heart rate = 164 bpm
  • Calories = 701 (total so far 25099)
  • Distance covered = 23.41 miles
  • Total distance so far = 948.64

There’s not much time left for me to achieve many more PBs, so a real push was needed today! I set the watts at 160 and kept going for the 65 minutes. Absolutely no increase in the mileage – but then I didn’t drop any miles either – but, I did it! – I cracked through the 700 mark for the calories – just in time for my Cornish cream tea. I started off with 10cc but they just didn’t have the oomph to keep me going so I switched back to an old favourite, The Communards.

Still hugging the coastline, we continue south towards Newquay before making our final stop for the day in Goonvrea.

On the way we pass the famous Bedruthan Steps, which became a popular destination for the Victorians to visit when Newquay was developed as a holiday resort. 

The effect of the constant pounding of the sea upon the coastline means that the rocks are ever-changing, the softer rock eroding to leave the harder rocks in forms of islets or stacks. 

We pass on through Newquay, a surfers’ paradise with a choice of beaches, that benefit from the strong waves rolling in from the Atlantic. It is also famous for the imposing Headland Hotel which was immortalized in the 1990 film of Roald Dahl’s story The Witches.

And finally we reach the tiny hamlet of Goonvrea, part of the parish of St Agnes which was one of the main centres of the Cornish Mining industry. It was also the home of the author Winston Graham who used the whole parish as inspiration for his Poldark novels. We decided this definitely required a picture of Ross, although as far as we remember, he spent far more time galloping across the clifftops than he did working down the mines! Either way, the series was certainly a great advert for Cornwall.


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