Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary, Day 73

Week 11 day 73 – Thursday 4th June

  • 25 minutes 150 watts (bike 1)
  • Max heart rate = 144
  • Calories = 255 (total so far 25354)
  • Distance covered = 9.01 miles
  • Flat bench and abs
  • Total distance so far = 957.65

I stuck with the watts programme again and achieved another PB (for 150 watts) of 9.01 miles. 

Really back in time today with one of David’s vintage favourites – Cilla Black 15 Classic Tracks.

We are leaving the beautiful St Agnes Heritage coast but just a short way further south and we reach the Godrevy Heritage coast and our stop for today, the tiny hamlet of Gwithian.

Because of its exposed position to the Atlantic, the rocks at Godrevy have seen many wrecks in the past. In January 1858, the foundations of the lighthouse were laid, and it was first lit on 1st March 1859.

It stands guard over The Stones, a reef stretching offshore of Cornwall for one and a half miles, which wrecked The Nile, a passenger streamer, in December 1854, with the loss of all hands. 

Godrevy Point is a great place for seabird watching but is probably best known for the large grey seal colony in Mutton Cove; there have also been sightings of dolphins and porpoises.

Our stopping place, Gwithian, was named for the patron saint of good fortune on the sea. The area is also renowned for the huge sand dunes (or Towans) and over the years there has been much shifting of the sand and alteration to the landscape. The church and relics of St Gwithian or Gocianus, built in 490, were uncovered from the beach and dunes during the early part of the 19th-century, but were then allowed to be reclaimed by the shifting sands. 

We will remember this summer for many things; stay home, stay safe, the brilliant NHS and key workers, washing hands, masks, empty supermarket shelves, queues outside shops, working from home, furlough, missing family – the list is endless. 

It will also be remembered as the summer of things that didn’t happen; holidays, parties, weddings, significant birthday celebrations, family reunions – all put on hold, cancelled or postponed. For some people, due to age or logistics, the opportunity sadly may be gone for ever 

Tuesday would have been just such a celebration for us as we were due to visit Buckingham Palace for David to receive his MBE for services to weightlifting. And part of the plan was to take his mum who is 91. Yes, the ceremony will still take place at some time, but sadly there can be no guarantees when it will be or whether mum will make it. We hope she will.

Like many of you who have missed out on a long-awaited treat, celebration or reunion, we marked the occasion in a typical lockdown way – quietly at home with a couple of friends and a few glasses of something bubbly. 

However, David did receive two very special, artistic ‘MBE’s from his lovely god daughters, Holly and Tasha. I am sure they will be treasured just as much as the real thing, when he eventually gets it.

From Holly

From Tasha


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