Rosalind’s JoGLE Diary, Day 74

Week 11 day 74 – Friday 5th June

  • 65 minutes at 150 watts (20 mins: 150, 20 mins: 155, 20 mins: 160 then cool down)
  • Max heart rate = 155 bpm
  • Calories = 690 (total so far 26044)
  • Distance covered = 23.41 miles
  • Sunday evening ‘real’ bike ride = 7.10 miles
  • Total distance so far = 981.06

I can hardly believe it – my last ride on this momentous journey! I was determined to keep the pace up and I moved it up each 20 minutes from 150 to 155 and finally to 160. Check out the diary tomorrow for a video clip of me ‘arriving at Land’s End’. 

For my listening pleasure I tuned into the legendary Tom Jones. I don’t know if any of you saw him singing from his home at the beginning of lock down, but he’s certainly still got the voice.


To finish our ride, we are going to leave behind the rugged north west coast of Cornwall with its magnificent surfing beaches and take a quick look at the south coast with its picturesque coves and more sheltered beaches.

We sweep by St Ives Bay, looking across to St Ives itself, known best of all for its art scene. The seafront Tate St Ives gallery has rotating modern art exhibitions, focusing on British artists. Nearby, the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden, in the modernist artist’s former studio, displays her bronzes and other works. 

We head south and arrive at the coast at Longrock before heading west towards the busy town of Penzance.  It began as a small fishing village, probably around 1284 when it first appears in writing, and the name is derived from the Cornish words Penn Sans meaning holy headland. 

We are continuing along the A30, but if you were to follow the coast road round the point you would discover the charming Mousehole and the pretty little cove at Lamorna, often used in Poldark scenes.

Land’s End is mainland Britain’s most south-westerly point and one of the country’s most famous landmarks. From the 200 foot high granite cliffs that rise out of the Atlantic Ocean you can gaze across to the Longships Lighthouse, the Isles of Scilly twenty eight miles away and beyond that, North America.

Sadly, Land’s End itself is now very commercialised and full of busy, overpriced shops and coach tours. However, a short walk north and you will soon reach Sennen Cove. 

Alternatively, head 4 miles south east across the headland and take a look at the world famous Minack Theatre at Porthcurno. Constructed above a gully with a rocky granite outcrop jutting into the sea, this open air theatre was the brainchild of Rowena Cade, who moved to Cornwall after the First World War and, for £100, built a house for herself and her mother on land at Minack. It is open every year from May to September for a full season of plays and available for visits all year round.

And so, our final stop at Land’s End. Drum roll………………………….

We made it! 47 hours and 41 minutes 981.06 Miles and 26044 calories.

938.06 like this and  
 43 miles like this

Read our last instalments tomorrow and Sunday as we look back at some of the highlights and other JoGLE and LEJoG attempts.


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