Rowan Volunteer Wins Lil Speed Award!

William Oakman has won the Lil Speed Award. This annual Award is run by Chesterton Community Association and named after local community champion and activist Lil Speed. It was presented to someone in Chesterton who has made a significant contribution to the community and deserves to be recognised for their voluntary service.

William received the award at Chesterton Festival and Mayor Rob Dryden presented the award to him. Rowan nominated William for his fundraising and volunteering achievements. William has raised over £1000 for Rowan in 2 years by running a raffle and tombola at Chesterton Festival. He’s previously raised money for PHAB Club and regularly volunteers at the Gateway Club, a social club for learning-disabled adults. William is also a ceramicist selling his work for charity and volunteers in Rowan’s ceramic workshop.

We’re delighted that William has won this award and is getting the recognition he deserves. William is a dedicated volunteer and a lovely person. He has collected raffle and tombola prizes for Rowan from over 80 local companies and organisations with patience, diligence and a pleasant manner.

William will be manning a star prize raffle at Rowan’s Cambridge Open Studios weekend 11am – 6pm, 11- 12 July at Rowan, 40 Humberstone Road, Cambridge.


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