Game of Thrones…

Game of Thrones…

At Rowan our student artists not only have the opportunity to work on their own creative projects in their choice of woodwork, ceramics, textiles, print and mixed media but they can also get involved in commissions. A great example of this is one of our latest commissions for Millington Road Nursery School. We were asked to create a throne for the nursery that included the following animals: penguin, owl, hedgehog, fox, duckling, badger and a squirrel. The throne itself came together through the hard work of the woodwork team and student artists. Alongside this we had many other students from different studios contributing to the animal drawings. It was tricky to pick out the final animals, as we had so many to choose from, but we got there! The throne is now standing pride and place at the nursery and we hope everyone enjoys it!  To find out more about private commissions at Rowan contact us directly on 01223 566027. 


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