Student Stories

Student Stories

Meet Jo one of our students at Rowan who loves drawing, painting and being outside in our garden. Jo has recently been pushing herself to have new experiences at Rowan including new classes and even trips out! Read all her news below…

“I visited the Museum of Cambridge with the music group to see the River Cam Exhibition and it was my first trip out on the Rowan bus. I went up the curly stairs and got to see all the work made by Rowan including my own drawings. The music group sung a song about the river with a guitar and I really enjoyed it!

Over the last few weeks I have started doing ceramics and I have made a butterfly, a dolphin and signs with different flowers on it. I find this very relaxing and calming.I have learnt to crochet and I have been using charcoal and chalk with black and white paper. I have really enjoyed working in the garden including watering the flowers on my own.

When staff leave me alone I can get on with what I am doing now and I am confident working alone. I love drawing and painting outside. I would like to do art for the rest of my life and until I am old. Rowan is a wonderful place for me and it is helping me very much. I love coming to Rowan as I can have a laugh and a joke – it is so much fun. It relaxes me and keeps me calm as well as allowing me to be outside which I enjoy.”


Part of our Heritage Lottery Funded River Cam Project will only be  on display at the Fitzwilliam Museum from Friday 11th August to Friday 22nd September 2017. Make sure you pop along and take a look! For the museum opening times and admissions click here.


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