Students fundraise for Rowan

Students fundraise for Rowan

2015 walking for Rowan the start small

From the 14 – 18 September, Rowan students, staff and volunteers were taking daily walks along the towpath by the River Cam, close to Ferry Cutter bridge. Students were aiming to walk over 50 miles raising the profile of our charity and much needed funds. In fact, they walked over 80 miles!

2015 Walking for Rowan T A small

Students were given forms and money pots and were invited to ask their family, friends and supporters if they would sponsor them. In the past the funds raised have gone towards a minibus and printing press. This year they will go toward the renovation of the front of the building creating new spaces for Rowan’s work.

Each morning, students walked along a 200 meter route, with a stopping point along the way. Every 100 meters, students card’s are stamped with a gold star, and this lasts for about 1.5hours. We were very pleased that the sun shone, it was an unexpected surprise as we were expecting to get wet.

Back in the studios on Humberstone Road, students were also very busy creating a very long drawing. Our ‘drawathon’ encouraged all students to take part, aiming to create over 50 meters of art. Of course we exceeded our target with over 60 meters created.
drawing for rowan small

On Tuesday, Bridget Cusack, our Marketing and Development Manager went and spoke to Julian Glover on Cambridge 105FM. You can listen to the podcast here. It was a great opportunity to advertise our fundraising week, and to talk about our charity.

On Wednesday Claudia and Justin from Cambridge Regional College came and volunteered on the walk. They made a short film you can watch here:

On Thursday, a photographer from Cambridge News came to meet us and took pictures of us. We rolled out some of our drawings to see how far we had come.

2015 walking for rowan cambridge news


We are very grateful to our students and volunteers, and the support given by Rowan friends, supporters and family members of our students.


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