Visit to Cambridge Junction

“Wave” by Gill Brigg – Review by Georgie

Wave is an interactive play for people with disabilities or not. It was a fun way to introduce people to Shakespeare who may not be familiar with his writing.


It had fun things to interact with; sound effects, water, colourful lighting and even the audience were included in the performance. The music was somewhat wonderful. It made us laugh and it even made some of us cry.


The acting was very much thought out and well done. The characters were very well played.

It was a great experience for everyone. Beautifully put together, a great way to simplify a play from Shakespeare.


It was colourful. It was heart breaking and funny.


I hope they do more plays like this. I enjoyed it. It reminded me of a show for young children. It was perfect for me. I had fun.

Telltale Hearts presented ‘Wave’ at Cambridge Junction from 21 – 23 April 2016.


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