We reached the beach!

We reached the beach!

On the 10th July 67 student artists, staff, volunteers, carers and parents took over Southwold pier to celebrate 35 years of Rowan. Student artists have been fundraising since May to reach the beach with many different events from collecting clothes, a raffle at Chesterton’s community fun day, our annual sponsored walk as well as kind donations.

‘The beach was brilliant’, said student artist Imogen, ‘My favourite bit was having lunch with my friends and playing games on the beach. We had fish and chips with ice cream for pudding.’

‘My favourite part of the day was on the beach collecting shells and stones. I also liked the shopping’ said student artist Nia. Many of the students enjoyed all the amusements on the pier including the mirrors that made the staff appear all out of shape!

With so many people involved from the organising, the fundraising, support on the day, to all of the donations from the local community, we simply could not name everyone who made this trip happen. All we can do is say thank you. Thank you for your ongoing support and all you do for Rowan as without you we would never of reached the beach!


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